“Journey” commissioned for St. Mary’s National School, Thomastown, is an oval sculpture made from a solid block of Kilkenny limestone.  
I was interested in the idea of depicting the journeys the children take to and from school as part of the sculpture. To achieve this a network of raised polished lines illustrating the fields, lanes, roads and rivers of the area has been created using a detailed study of an aerial map of Thomastown and the surrounding region. Between the map lines the stone has been sandblasted leaving a contrasting, textured finish.
A small stainless steel disc was set into the stone indicating the homes and starting point of the children

Treecastle Quarry, Co. Kilkenny

The quarry from which the limestone was sourced.

McKeon Stone, Stradbally, Co. Laois

Work began in April at Mc Keon Stone, one of the largest limestone yards in Ireland. McKeons have welcomed sculptors to work at the yard for decades. Surrounded by experts in all aspects of stone work it is an ideal location to work. Over the following six weeks I shaped the stone by cutting , grinding and polishing it until it reached its final form. At this point over two tonne of stone had been removed from the original block.

The Map

Cutting between the map lines to prepare the stone for sandblasting.

The Visit

A group of teachers from St. Marys National School visit to see how the project is coming along.

The Inlay

Over one hundred 5mm stainless steel bars were inlaid and cut flush to the stone.


ON Friday 26th of October the finished sculpture was delivered to Thomastown witnessed by four hundred and fifty pupils and twenty five staff of St. Mary's National School.